Our Product: TrueDEM™

Perfrax is the one True Digital End User Experience Monitoring Vendor for Office 365 and SaaS.

What is TrueDEM?

DEM stands for "digital experience monitoring." Whenever analysts reference DEM, they describe a clear and focused need. As such, you would think a DEM solution would be represented by a singular product in the monitoring arena.

This is not the case. DEM products are classified into as many as five subcategories. Each subcategory provides a partial solution with some benefits. There are some good products in each subcategory. But no single product or vendor provides a complete DEM solution. That's why analysts suggest cobbling pieces together to assemble a viable solution.

As they say, you can't put a square peg in a round hole. Our solution does not easily fit in any of the subcategories. By design. At Perfrax we would argue that digital experience monitoring does not have subcategories. Instead we believe that other "full" categories of monitoring solutions deliver some support for your DEM needs. There has not been a pure DEM solution for analysts to evaluate. That is, until now.

Perfrax is the first and only true digital experience monitoring vendor for Office 365. And the way we address your digital experience monitoring needs is revolutionary in its focus, simplicity and accuracy. We thought it deserved a fitting name.

TrueDEM™ , only by Perfrax.