Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring Integration with Prometheus

Perfrax is proud to announce integration of our TrueDEM solution with Prometheus. Prometheus is the premier open source time-series based monitoring solution. At Perfrax we love time-series based data. We know that it can provide a powerful addition, helping to power intelligent monitoring. Releasing TrueDEM for Prometheus just made sense.

Top Benefits of using TrueDEM for Office 365 End-user Experience Monitoring with Prometheus:

  • Ensure that all users are receiving the optimal experience in Microsoft 365
  • Secure and Private – monitor users working from home while maintaining compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.
  • Deploy to all of your users in minutes. No complex on-premises configuration needed.
  • Monitor Microsoft Teams Call Quality
  • Microsoft Teams Login, Messaging, Availability Status and more.
  • Monitor user experience for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft PowerBI in one solution.
  • Crowd-Sourced Monitoring with Actionable data Sent right to your Prometheus implementation – Receive our Industry Leading Crowd Performance Indicators™ to help augment your user specific monitoring.
  • Monitor end user computers and devices for Office 365 App Health
  • Monitor user device hardware and software details in addition to Office 365 Apps.
  • Real User Simulations™ provide around the clock monitoring of user experience on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams – even when users are not at their devices.
  • For dedicated needs where a user-less monitoring approach is needed, TrueDEM Canaries provide powerful monitoring on a virtual machine or on the IoT class hardware device of your choice.

And More! Click HERE for a larger list of our favorite features

Ready to Get Started Monitoring Office 365 in Prometheus? Just a few details to get started: