Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPIs) – Crowdsourced Monitoring Insights in TrueDEM™

Crowd Sourced User Experience Monitoring Finally Delivers Value

Typical crowdsourced metrics are sloppy. They show you large amounts of data from user populations that are truly dissimilar from your users. For example, large banking environments are very different than mid-sized businesses. Banks comply with a large number of regulations while smaller businesses operate with few regulatory requirements. Crowdsourced end-user experience monitoring mixes these two worlds. As a result, crowdsourced monitoring has been of little to no value for companies. Crowdsourced monitoring can be even worse, closer to mob rule, as some sites let the masses “vote” on the existence of problems. (Did you know after a real outage the come-and-vote-your-problem crowdsourced sites show a spike in extra-false positives for days? How does that help?)

At Perfrax, we could see the promise of crowdsourced monitoring. But we know that the raw, unmanaged data causes more harm than good. If handled properly however, it could be an interesting additional KPI, or CPI as we call it. So we got to work.

Today we are announcing TrueDEM now includes an Industry First: Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPIs) for Microsoft 365 and SaaS platforms.

The Perfraction® artificial intelligence engine powering TrueDEM’s end-user experience monitoring understands the variances between environments. It is able to find the commonality and produce the industry leading of solution provides you with crowdsourced KPIs to understand how common SaaS platforms are performing compared to how they normally perform. TrueDEM was built to understand what is different between users, so that we can find what is the same. The result?

TrueDEM’s Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPIs) tell you if Microsoft Teams message history is taking longer. Longer in your region, Longer in your country. Or Longer in the world. When your real-time NOC and user support dashboards show Crowd Performance Indicators™ (CPIs) for Microsoft 365 and monitored SaaS platforms right next to KPIs for your environment. You can add these counters to your NOC and end-user support dashboards today.