Perfraction is Cloud Monitoring. Perfected.

Have you ever seen sunlight pass through a prism? The light we see is separated into the individual colors that combine to make up the light. It’s called refraction. What if you could pipe your performance data through a real-time prism when monitoring cloud-based SaaS applications? It would be 'performance refraction'.

We do that. Perfrax has created the only ‘digital prism’ for performance refraction. We call it Perfraction®.

Why does this matter? It turns out, just like sunlight, most performance data is a composite. It's the end result of many components that are now hard to accurately distinguish. For users in Office 365, end-to-end response times are a combination of the activity being performed, the user's configuration, your internal environment, internet connectivity, and the SaaS infrastructure.

End-to-end user activity response time is an interesting starter metric, one loved by entry-level products. But it's an even larger composite, one that is exponentially more complex to separate as so many components are beyond your control. In the absence of a true solution for Perfraction®, people generally turn to calculations and assumptions. Using calculated values is error prone and causes false positives.

You need a solution that accurately identifies the scope and impact of a problem. You need a solution that can isolate the root cause by separating this composite metric, pinpointing problem areas with precision.

You can be certain the user experience is negative if the only response you have for users or management is "I'm not sure".