Sounding the alarm…or not

In some high-rise office buildings, not everyone is notified if a fire is detected. The fire alarm voice message doesn’t sound on all floors. It’s only if the scale of the problem increases that additional floors are notified. Only those directly impacted get the notification. A general alarm would only add to the problem.

Our TrueDEM™ user monitoring follows the same principles.  When we predict an Office 365 event happening, we give you the facts so that you can decide who gets a push notification. You decide when a notice is sent, if at all. You control the notification contents.  You can let only those affected know that the IT department is aware of an issue and is working on it.  This reduces duplicate support tickets and phone calls and shows users that you are proactive.  You can choose to notify them when all is well. 

TrueDEM™ results are detailed and granular.  You can get as granular in your notification strategy.  Notify the whole branch office.  Or a department group.  Maybe just three VIPs.

We’ll sound the alarm for you.  You decide who should hear it.

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