Microsoft Teams on TV

It looks amazing on TV, but you must be sure.

We’ve noticed that Microsoft has recently been promoting Microsoft Teams on network television. Which makes sense for enterprises, because it’s probably already included in their Microsoft 365 subscription. (And Microsoft is currently offering a free six-month E1 trial license in response to COVID-19) It’s already available to the users, so no new deployment effort is needed. And Teams is designed for large-scale meetings, unlike some of the free alternatives. In fact, other than training new users, it’s a no-additional-cost solution. As long as it’s working well. And that’s the reason for our TrueDEM™ monitoring solution. You must know how well Teams is working at all times, for every remote user out there.

When Teams is your main communication tool, the user experience must be monitored in real-time.

Have you noticed, after each Teams meeting, that users are asked to rate the quality of the meeting? That’s just one of the metrics that you need to know. Customers can now monitor call quality for Microsoft Teams voice, video, and application sharing performance inside TrueDEM™ . When we detect an anomaly, you’ll be alerted, and see the detail you need, all in one place. Get a quick overview on our real-time Dashboard. And unlike the free/native reporting tools, supporting users in TrueDEM is lightning fast. Simply enter the detail on the user support report and the user experience detail plus Teams call quality details appear at your fingertips.

You don’t want to be caught by surprise when an important meeting on Teams is running poorly, or has connection issues. Were you aware of the recent Teams outage? TrueDEM was the first product to detect an issue. Of course, we monitor Outlook, SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 applications too. But we know that working/meeting from home is a crucial need right now. You can deploy a TrueDEM solution in about fifteen minutes. To one department, or the entire global enterprise. Nobody has to bring their laptop to the office. There are no servers to build. And no admin rights are needed for deployment. Theres no PII stored or collected, so user privacy is protected.

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