Free global deployment planning guide

Is your business a global enterprise? How long do you think it takes to install software to monitor the Office 365 user experience worldwide?  And for every user device?  Consider that many solutions require the installation of one or more virtual machines, and/or “sensors”, or “robots”.  They may need you to deploy an MSI or configure GPO’s.

We’ve created a free planning guide for you.  Use it to estimate your time and labor costs for worldwide deployment of our TrueDEM™ Office 365 real user monitoring solution. 

Here it is. 

Set aside fifteen minutes. (Okay, maybe 20 minutes…but not an entire day. And no group meetings with our engineers needed.) That’s it.  That’s our planning guide.

Yep, that’s how long it takes for Perfrax’s TrueDEM™ to begin real user monitoring for Office 365.  Worldwide.

Fast and easy deployment means low labor costs.  Always important for large enterprises, and
even more important for MSPs.

BTW, if you find that you’ve missed a user during deployment, our agent can be deployed during a support call.  Still just fifteen minutes.

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