Free diagnostic scenarios for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is offering a set of self-help diagnostics tools for Microsoft Teams admins. You can check it out here. As of this writing, are fifteen different tests/scenarios that can run against your tenant, with more promised to come. These tests don’t make any changes, but they do point you in the right direction. From the Microsoft 365 Admin center, you go to Support > New service request and start typing your issue. You’ll be offered a choice of scenarios that match your problem. Current scenarios include :

  • Teams Sign-in
  • Teams Direct Routing
  • Teams Call Queue
  • Teams Remove Number from Conference Bridge
  • Teams Dial Pad is missing
  • Teams Calendar App
  • Teams Federation
  • Teams Files Guest Access
  • Teams Add-in is missing in Outlook
  • Unable to invite Guest users to Teams
  • Unable to make domestic PSTN calls in Teams
  • Unable to make International PSTN calls in Teams
  • Unable to create a Teams conference call
  • Unable to join a Teams conference call
  • Teams Auto-Attendant

These are a good way to diagnose problems on the back end. You also need a tool to monitor the front end, which is your Teams users currently working at home. Our TrueDEM™ software monitors the Teams experience for all of your at-home users (and the office too, of course). Customers can now monitor call quality for Microsoft Teams voice, video, and application sharing performance inside TrueDEM . When we detect an anomaly, you’ll be alerted, and see the detail you need, all in one place. And unlike the free/native reporting tools, supporting users in TrueDEM is lightning fast. Simply enter the detail on the user support report and the user experience detail plus Teams call quality detail is at your fingertips.

Fast worldwide installation

You can start using TrueDEM in about fifteen minutes. That’s about how long it will take to deploy to all your remote users worldwide. No external servers needed. No special admin rights. Microsoft 365 user experience data will begin flowing from each users’ device. Your TrueDEM dashboard will start serving up information as it streams in. Yet all personally identifiable information remains protected. We don’t store passwords or other PII information.

Take advantage of the admin tools offered by Microsoft so that you can keep an eye on the administrative side of Teams. Let TrueDEM keep an eye on your users’ experience. #MicrosoftTeams

You must monitor your Microsoft 365 users. TrueDEM is the all-in-one solution.