Our First Trademark Has Been Issued!

Perfraction® (technically a service mark) earns the Registered Mark symbol.

I believe in doing things right. I believe in respecting what others create, and protecting what our company creates.

If you have ever seen the HBO series Silicon Valley, you’ll know that the startup makes a long list of easily avoidable mistakes. As a CEO, is it your job to protect the interests of the company. Being a startup (or wanting to be) does not excuse you from your duties as CEO. You don’t get to make mistakes such as leaving legal instruments in the wrong office, and then blame the government when they hold you responsible for such a mistake. And you do not get to forget the little things, such as filing the necessary forms to protect your brand.

Technically, Perfraction® is a service mark, as we sell software as a service. But most people do not notice the difference, and you get the same ® symbol. It was the first of several mark registrations we have filed at Perfrax. Others include our product name, and the name of another concept we’ll be revealing in the next 30 days. Perfraction is a concept close to the core of our AI. Philosophically speaking, Perfraction® is how our AI processes all of the signals we receive, and determines the cause of an issue.

We are excited to receive our first formal registration and the associated certificate from the United States. And we look forward to several more. (Including a patent that we have started to process.)

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