Enterprise – End User Experience Monitoring for Microsoft 365 and SaaS

TrueDem™ – Our End User Experience Monitoring Solution for Microsoft 365 and SaaS

Our product philosophy is simple. Anything we make must meed the needs of enterprises, but it must be so easy to install and manage that any size company can use it. As a result, TrueDEM comes with a large list of functionality designed to meet, and exceed the needs of medium and large enterprise customers. And TrueDEM is the easiest to install, the easiest to manage and the easiest to maintain monitoring product on the market.

What Type of Monitoring Does TrueDEM Perform?

Our product name is intentional. It fits in a category of monitoring known as digital experience monitoring (DEM). But DEM is broken into many sub components. At Perfrax, we do not believe that a product only delivering a subset of functionality should be representative of the category. And we knew that if you truly wanted to monitor user experience, you needed to support functionality from several “sub-categories” of DEM. TrueDEM is the only product providing the following sets of functionality:

Key Enterprise Features

Low Labor

TrueDEM requires the lowest labor investment of any real user monitoring product. Installation in an enterprise requires under an hour of your time.

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Highly Secure

You will not waste hours in security council meetings defending an inferior product. Why? We're Secure. No Passwords - Ever. Even our backend uses password-less authentication between modules.

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Tier 1 troubleshooting is done by AI. When a potential issue is detected, TrueDEM will invoke other agents and validate the scope of an issue.

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Office 365 Workloads

We monitor the Office 365 Apps and Workloads your users are truly using. See our up-to-date list.

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Crowd Performance Indicators™

TrueDEM does crowd monitoring right. Our AI engine processes inbound signals to find commonality even if environments are very different. That commonality is focused into a useable stream - our CPIs.

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Intelligent Alerts

TrueDEM does not work on static thresholds. We know normal, so we know what's good and bad. Our alerting engine tells you if we outside the norm instead of using static thresholds from the 90s.

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