Grafana Office 365 Monitoring and User Experience Dashboards

Native Office 365 Monitoring and Microsoft Teams Dashboards now in Grafana

Grafana users now have an option for natively Monitoring Office 365 and displaying dashboards thanks to TrueDEM. Grafana users can display and alert on a wide range of Office 365 end user monitoring metrics – gathered direct from user devices. In addition Grafana users can choose to display Microsoft Teams Call Quality dashboards as well.

TrueDEM’s native support for Prometheus offers a new benefit to the community – you can now display end user experience for Office 365 monitoring in Grafana and Microsoft Teams call quality dashboards also using Grafana. (In case you missed it, today we announced that integration is available in our solution for Prometheus.)

We have a lot of love for the open source community at Perfrax. While we can not make our software available as open source, we do want to support the community. As such, our most popular package is free when you use Prometheus and Grafana to power the monitoring and analytics components. No catch! Or maybe we should say the only catch is that you must use these open source platforms for the offer. While we hope you love us and want more, we do not require any additional purchase. How good is the “most popular package”? It caught the February 3, 2020 Microsoft Teams Outage nearly 2 hours before Microsoft announced it, and more than 90 minutes before any other monitoring solution on the market.

Grafana Dashboard for Office 365 showing User Experience Monitoring

TrueDEM is a revolutionary digital experience monitoring solution for Microsoft Office 365. We monitor end user experience for Office 365 from the users’ devices. We are the fastest product to deploy on the market. It takes about 15 minutes of your time to configure our solution to install on all of your user devices – even with work from home users. TrueDEM was designed with privacy law compliance in mind, it ensures you are compliant with GDPR and CCPA even when monitoring work-from-home users. Plus It’s secure, never requires passwords, and works with any enterprise security configuration you can imagine. If you prefer dedicated systems running synthetic transactions, our software can do that as well in what we call Canary Mode.

See a list of TrueDEM’s Top Features

Please Note: While we try to make as much available to the community as we can, please note that some of the features on this page would not be included in the free community offer.

TrueDEM is the ultimate Grafana Office 365 Monitoring solution available today. With TrueDEM, your dashboards in Grafana display Microsoft Teams Call Quality and Analytics. And thats just one aspect. Grafana also displays global Microsoft Office 365 end user experience metrics for your users. And you can use the dashboards to support any user who calls in asking for help. There is no more advanced, native Office 365 Monitoring solution for Grafana available on the market!

Ready to start Monitoring Office 365 and Teams Monitoring in Grafana?