Monitor the Office 365 user experience. On all devices.

Monitor desktops, tablets and mobile devices with one product.

Users interact with Office 365 on multiple devices. What if the user reports a problem on their personal mobile device? With legacy-style monitoring on the company desktop, there could be large data gaps. Is this issue also on the desktop, or is it just the mobile device? Or is this bigger than one user? There’s no way to tell with just one data point.

If you can’t pinpoint the problem, you can’t fix it. You need a point of reference. (Actually, you need many points of reference…the more the better.) And for that, you can’t just stick a “probe” on a network segment and expect to get real telemetry from individual devices. You really need to understand the Office 365 user experience on every device.

Perfrax's TrueDEM™ solution monitors all devices AND Office 365 service endpoints for a complete holistic view of your users' experience.

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