About Us

We do true
digital experience monitoring

Who We Are

Perfrax is a provider of digital experience monitoring solutions for Office365. We provide a unique offering enabling complete DEM in one offering.

Our Vision

At Perfrax we believe that you should not need multiple products simply to understand the experience of your users with Office365. Our vision is to deliver a TrueDEM solution to companies using Office365.

Where did the name 'Perfrax' come from?

Our name is a shortened version of Perfraction™, the core of our AI and machine learning algorithms. Read More.

Our History

  1. It started with a dream...literally.

    Perfrax dream abstract

    It really started with a dream. Our CEO woke up at 4:00AM, with a dream, a concept on how to properly provide monitor users' experience in the era of SaaS.

  2. Company Founded

    Perfrax founding abstract

    Perfrax, Inc. was formally registered as a corporation on August 1, 2019.

  3. Initial Public Product Launch

    Public launch abstract

    After several months of load testing, hardening and penetration testing we were ready to launch the first wave of functionality.