TrueDEM™ for Office 365

The First True Digital Experience Monitoring Solution for Office 365

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Monitor desktops AND mobile devices

A single product to manage user experience for every device connected to Office 365.

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Worldwide installation in just two actions

Perfrax has unparalleled ease of deployment. Start collecting data on selected devices in minutes.

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Secure and compliant

We meet enterprise-level security and privacy standards. Even on personal devices.

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So Easy, So Intelligent

Our product is unlike any digital experience monitoring offering available for Office365.


Monitor user experience on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones from one solution

Rapid Deployment

15 minutes. Thats all it takes to start gathering data from every device accessing Office365.

Machine Learning

Static thresholds are a thing of the past. Our ML engine understands what is normal and alerts you when it is not.

AI Ops

Tier 1 troubleshooting is now handled by AI. When an anomaly is detected you can choose to have our AI engine take action.

Secure Code

Our modern code is continuously scanned for vulnerabilities. Corporate security requirements are no problem.

User Notifications

Our solution can notify affected users via push when an issue has been discovered. And notify them when the problem has been resolved.

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